Pistachio Rose Cream Tarts

Pistachio Rose Cream Tarts


Like what you see? I mean, these exquisite looking tarts. Well, my friends, you can undoubtedly make them yourselves and not with too much effort. If you don't have baking skills, no worries. No complicated flours and ingredients added to this recipe. You'll be delighted with how easy it is to achieve these lovely tarts. 


For months I've been looking to find a quality organic dry rose petals tea, and I've finally found it at a health food store close to my area. I was thrilled! All the recipes that were 'on hold' in my recipe diary were finally going to come to life. Oh, the excitement! :)

Can you guess what was the first thing I did when I purchased the rose tea? Come on …it's easy. I had to take lovely shots of the dry rose petals! Such beautiful rosy colour, pretty even if dried up…colours that make you feel warm and fuzzy. Roses can do that for a girl! :)


The rose tea it's simply amazing. I did have rose petals before in a tea. I usually got various hibiscus teas that had rose buds inside, but the plain dry rose petals tea is a different experience. If you fancy floral notes in your drinks, or desserts, this tea will do just that.


And before moving on from the lovely rose tea, let me quickly say that the dry rose petals tea has quite a few health benefits. My favourite one is for skin health. I'm a nerd when it comes to skin health. Yep! One of the benefits that it has is the tightening and hydrating effect on the skin. It's not only helpful to the skin when you add essential rose oil in a face cream, but by also drinking rose tea regularly, or a few times a week will benefit your body. Plus, it has natural diuretic and detoxifying properties that are so important for our general health. So, drink up some of the dry rose petals tea! Again, make sure you get a quality organic brand. It does matter how the petals were processed, my friends. You don't want to end up with a bitter cup of tea.

 The idea of the Pistachio Rose Cream Tarts came to mind a while ago, and I just laid down the concept of how I would like to make the tarts. Revisiting the layout of my recipe, I did change some parts, but mostly I knew the taste that I was looking to acquire, and the ingredients I wanted to use.

The bottom part of the tarts is so simple to achieve. I initially planned it raw, but I felt that I wanted to go a different direction hence the slight baking of the tarts. One thing I recommend if you haven't purchased tart forms yet, is to get the ones that have the removable bottom. I find it so much easier when removing the baked and cooled tarts. Even for bigger size tarts, or pies, I did get removable bottoms. It's just my preference since I like a perfectly shaped result with no crumbled parts.

Moving on to the more exciting part of the tarts, the creamy creaminess of the top layer, and please know that I'm still salivating when I think about the taste of it. Yes, I did call it a creamy creaminess. I do love to play with words as I play with food. :) One thing I know for sure, I'm making these tarts again soon. Really soon! And, like the good girl I am, I'll be sharing it with my lovely friends again 'cause how can I keep all that goodness for myself.

Food needs to be fun, light, tasty, enjoyable, healthy. I did just that when I created these tarts. They're super easy to make, and this summer you have to give them a try. You won't know what you're missing if you don't make them.


Check out the recipe below, and see what you think. Let me know if you need my input. I'm here for any of your questions, my lovely friends.


Until next time,